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Hunt Mathletes Show Their Stuff
Hunt Mathletes Show Their Stuff
Hunt Mathlete Team 2016

Over 1,600 fifth and sixth grade students participated in the 7th annual Marge Salmon Math Relays at Sparks Stadium on Friday October 21, 2016. Hunt Elementary sent a total of 24 participants, who were selected after trying out by completing timed multiplication and division quizzes. An obstacle course was set up for students to run, jump through hula hoops, perform jumping jacks, and jump rope. They stopped along the way at stations where volunteers presented them with math facts. Students had to answer 10 math facts correctly before continuing to the next station. 


Hunt's two teams, comprised of 12 members each, were easy to spot in their Highlander black and red team t shirts. Each team had five 5th graders and seven 6th graders. Each participant gave an excellent effort according to their coach, Mr. Deffenbaugh. "Everyone at Hunt should be proud of our mathletes. They gave their very best effort and everyone had a great time."

A special thank you to Mr. Foerster, Mrs. Zimnisky, and parent volunteer, Sara McGowan for the help and support.  We also appreciate the encouragement from the fans in the audience.  We are proud of our students and how they represented the high expectations of Highlanders.

Photo Credit:  Sara McGowan