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It is my goal in the library to create a safe and welcoming environment where students want to be. I want students to be excited about reading and get some exposure to the really great literature out in the world. I also want to get to know your child. I work hard to learn the nearly 700+ names of the students at Hunt and to learn what they like to read.

The expectation is that students are reading in their ZPD range (zone of proximal development) when reading independently. I will be guiding them to books that are in their range based off their most recent STAR test (reading assessment). Feel free to let me know if you feel the books they are reading fall outside their independent reading ability or maturity range and I'll work with them to get a better fit. If your student has a range that is above grade level, I recommend encouraging your child to mix in some of the books that may be below their range but a good fit for their maturity level. That way they don't miss out on reading some of the many books written just for them. Typically students grow out of different types of books and I'd be disappointed if they missed out on some of the classics. 

Checking out:
-Kindergarten students can check out 1 book at a time.  Their books stay at school this year.
-1st through 3rd can check out 1 or 2 books at a time. The expectation is that they will read them and take AR tests on them when finished. Continue to read out loud to your child so they can hear a good reader read, have them read out loud to you and have them read in their head. All good practices in getting your child to be a better reader.
-4th -6th can check out 1 or 2 books and are encouraged to make sure one of the books is a chapter book. We have shorter chapter books for students with low reading stamina.

Our library collection holds over 15,000 books and materials to meet the needs of all K-6 students and teaching staff. 

Melinda Brunson
- Teacher-Librarian

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