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Below, you can find educational resources for families and students. These are not meant to be a substitute for classroom instruction, but will help students review information and practice skills during the closure.  Check Schoology for updates and information specific to your child’s school or classroom.


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If you describe a person you know or have learned about who overcame an obstacle or challenge in his or her life, you would be describing someone resilient.

Resilience is the ability to keep trying, even when things are hard. We are not born with resilience; it is something that we learn through each difficult event we encounter. It is a skill that we use throughout our lives at school, in our jobs, in our relationships. Sometimes we challenge ourselves by learning a new hobby like playing the piano or learning to longboard. Sometimes the challenges comes to us, like a school closure and stay-at-home order. Either way, we can use these challenges to learn how to overcome difficult events. Watch this video to learn ways to become more resilient!

Becoming Resilient for Kids:

Transform Anxiety

Parents: Here is an article with more information.

20 Powerful Strategies for Building Resilience in Children

How are schools serving students with disabilities right now? Should teachers be grading student work? If so, how? Watch this week's address from Superintendent Reykdal to hear what he's thinking. 

Chris Reykdahl