Attendance Matters!
Attendance Matters
Posted on 09/23/2016

A key factor to success in life and school is simply showing up.  It’s no coincidence that when students are in their classrooms, they are more likely to learn.  It’s also no coincidence that when students are on time and prepared to engage, they are more likely to succeed.  Schools are required by law to keep attendance records for students.   At Hunt we maintain those records with daily attendance submitted by teachers, reviewed by office personnel, and followed up on by other school staff such as the counselor or school nurse. 

Parents/Guardians play an important role in how their child starts their day.  Supporting good attendance by setting a good example for being on time to your personal and professional responsibilities is a positive first step.  Establishing an age appropriate morning and night time routine can also help with getting to school on time.  In addition, “talk up” your child’s school, teacher, and classmates.  Finally, a positive day starts with good lovin’ from home – hugs and kisses, notes, and a wave good-bye are terrific ways to send learners off with a happy heart.

Good attendance starts at home, however our school staff is here to partner with every family.  If you need help or resources, please contact your child’s teacher or our school counselor by phone or email.

Hunt's Bell Schedule
**Monday - ALL Mondays are Late Start
**Bus routes pick up one hour later than other school days
First Bell:  9:50am
Tardy Bell:  9:55am
Dismissal:  3:16pm

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
First Bell:  8:50am
Tardy Bell:  8:55am
Dismissal:  3:16pm